About us

Devicom is working for you since 1997. Along the way we’ve become a reliable partner for many domestic and foreign companies.

In 1997 we got into business by producing and selling computers, but in time we branched out into other fields. Today we specialise on IT system integration including development and implementation of hardware and software suite, IT-TEL systems,  and cloud services. Our company cooperates with large corporations like HP, Microsoft and Oracle.

One of the new and the most perspective projects of Devicom is Datalab laboratory. We’re planning to provide data mining and predictive analytics services. Our experts have a great experience in business problem solving, so now they study the latest technologies and develop the best solutions for different fields.

Devicom is also engaged in informative and educational campaign. Our website DataReview.info writes about data analysis, business intelligence and big data. Our main principle is “learn – understand – explain”. We use complex concepts as a basis, dive into details, understand the way they act and then explain to our readers in simple words.

Our company is an honest, reliable, trained and decent partner for you.

Please, feel free to contact us:

Tel.: +380 44 531-9-531

e-mail: office@devicom.ua

5a Fortechnyj Tupyk str.

01042, Kyiv, Ukraine

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